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If we can buy you time with a roof repair, we will tell you the truth
Your roofs life has many stages, and only once it is past the point of repair should it need to be replaced. We will tell you the truth about your roof’s condition and we will never try to sell you something you don’t need.

Roofing contractors are in business to make money, but…
There is no doubt that selling you an entirely new roof would be more profitable to us than simply doing a repair. But we believe that if every other contractor is telling you that you need a new roof, and we are able to extend the life of your roof with a repair, we have made a customer for life. One of our biggest priorities is building relationships with our customers that will be beneficial to us both, while also building a client list of very satisfied customers. if you want the truth about whether a repair can extend the life of your roof, give us a call.

Buying precious time:
We understand that you were probably not planning to replace your roof when a leak showed up. That’s why we will do everything we can to offer a solution that will buy you extra time to budget for your roof’s replacement. If a repair is a viable solution that can give you the ability and time to raise funds for a new roof, we will be more than happy to help.

One problem does not ruin an entire roof:
So you’ve seen leak inside your home? Now is the time to call Mountain View Roofing. We can assess your roof’s damage, and devise a plan to repair almost any issue. If done quickly, this will reduce other costly damage that may occur. If you wait, you are losing many options that you might currently have. Damaged or rotten wood, ruined insulation and Sheetrock are items that can be avoided if you act now. Call us today and we’ll get started solving your problem immediately.

Highly Versed Repairmen:
At Mountain View Roofing, our Colorado repairmen are highly trained in almost all types of roofing systems. This gives us a distinct advantage over our competition when it comes time to repair someone else’s work. We will assess the installation technique used to install your roof initially, and devise a plan to re-mediate any damage that may have occurred. Mountain View Roofing is your best choice for roof repairs.

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