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Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofs are our specialty, and if you are looking for that contemporary home look, then you’ll find no better professional roofers in Colorado Springs to do the work done. We offer a variety of styles, brands and colors to make your home personal. As well our asphalt roofing also comes in multiple thicknesses to increase durability and longevity. 

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing provides the beauty and longevity that your home needs. At Mountain View Roofing we can custom fabricate your panels so that your roof is literally made to specifically fit your roof perfectly. We know that choosing a roof color can be difficult, but the experts at Mountain View Roofing will be happy to walk you through the process to ensure that you get a new roof that compliments the aesthetics of your home or office and provides the protection you desire. We offer many color roof styles that will add beauty and functionality that will last for many years to come. We have the equipment to form your panels at your location in almost any style and will quite literally manufacture your roof to your home so that the process is fast and accurate. This reduces waste and the time it takes to make metal panels specifically designed to fit your home.

Woodshake Roofing

Wood shakes and shingles are made from various types of wood, including cedar, pine, redwood and cypress trees. They are available in fire-retardant versions with chemical treatments for increased longevity. 

We will be happy to provide you with multiple references and photos for projects that we have completed. Look for properly installed valleys and ridges to ensure that your contractor knows how a shake roof should be installed and has the skills to complete the project properly the first time.

A Thing Of Beauty:
A wood shake roof is a thing of beauty to behold. Considered a traditional roofing product, shake roofing ages beautifully and will protect your home for generations. Our hand-installed shake roofs are professionally installed to the highest standards and your friends and family will be jealous. And it only gets better looking with age.

Professional Installers:
Be sure that your roofing contractor is extremely experienced and has many projects completed prior to hiring them to install your wood shake roof. Wood shake roofing must be installed properly and a bad installation can lead to damage to your home or office that will be expensive to repair. Call us today to get a woodshake roof in Colorado Springs

Who We Trust

Since 1977, Owens Corning has been a leading manufacturer of shingles and accessories for the residential roofing market. Though best known for their pink insulation, Owens Corning is also a leader in the roofing market. The fiberglass composition of roof shingles plays an important role in protecting homes from moisture and other weather-related elements. 

Owens Corning is more than just a trusted name, we are a market leader in roofing shingles, underlayment and components products. Our systems look better, last longer and offer more choices to perfectly fit your project. The look of a roof can have a significant impact on the overall design and perceived value of a home. After all, the roof can make up half of a home’s exterior.

TAMKO Building Products LLC is a leading independent manufacturer of residential roofing shingles crafted with American pride for more than 75 years. At TAMKO, the popular Heritage® shingle series features the best roofing colors on the market that are backed by a brand name recognized for its rich history, core values of honesty and integrity, quality products and processes, authority with building professionals and support for its community.

As consumer lifestyles change priorities continue to shift, one thing remains constant; Tamko is always there- working to address the needs of roofers and homeowners. Every day Tamko is dedicated to providing products that add installation speed and convenience, enhance energy efficiency and provide more color and design options.

With more than 300 Roofing options to choose from, and quality standards that lead the industry, you can rest easily knowing CertainTeed has you covered. From Landmark tried-and-true architectural laminate roofing shingles to Matterhorn Metal Roofing, there are endless possibilities for your homes roof! Landmark is designed to replicate the appearance of cedar shake roofing, and is available in an impressive array of colors and complement any trim, stucco or siding. Matterhorn Metal Roofing is rendered in steel that brings the natural beauty of slate to your home in a light-weight, fully recyclable, energy efficient material. 

Boral Roofing- Concrete roof tile is beautiful and enduring and one of the easiest ways to complement your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. From the modern interpretation of old world Spanish design to the beautiful emulates of the Mediterranean styles found in Italy and southern France, Boral Tile can create that European charm you’ve been looking for! Boral Roofing has the most extensive choice of profiles and styles of clay roofing tiles in the nation, ranging from traditional mission style barrel tiles to flat tiles that deliver the aesthetics of natural slate and wood shake. The unique design of our lightweight tile products allow for a wide variety of installation options including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns and much more! Boral is the only roof tile manufacturer to receive the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Gold sustainability certification. With proven durability, longevity, aesthetic appeal and a wide range of prices, Boral Tile could be your next roof. 

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